Jewelry & Gifts for Your Spirit


My Mission

By wearing pieces that represent meaning,
we can cultivate awareness & inspire
change within ourselves,
which in turn will inspire
change in the world.
I am committed to creating pieces
that are both beautiful and affordable
without sacrificing quality or originality. 

Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted in mantra and meditation using high-quality, genuine gemstones.

Perfect as a meaningful and beautiful gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. My business is inspired by Mottanai, an ancient Japanese term indicating regret at the waste of any valuable resource, be it time, resources, teachings or material objects….roughly equivalent to our English phrase:


About Tranquil Abiding

It all began with a Mala making class at my local Buddhist Center here in Safety Harbor, FL in 2009. Unhappy and stressed with “making a living,” I thought I was just looking for some moments of peace in my otherwise hectic life. During those Mala making classes, I found a peacefulness and camaraderie that had been missing as I sat with a group of like-minded people creating malas. I didn’t really know it was the beginning of an ENCORE career!

While my business started with Malas, it soon expanded into an entire line consisting of Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces, Earrings, Wrap Bracelets. I did art shows, yoga events and trunk shows for the first several years. Then my business evolved into selling almost exclusively to retail partners throughout the country. Now I find that my business is evolving again, beginning with this new website, participating in social media and other online platforms and just generally thinking outside my old paradigm.

However, the premise behind Tranquil Abiding remains the same. I continue to use only high-quality genuine semi-precious gemstone which I carefully hand-pick. I continue to make my pieces while in mantra and meditation. I continue to offer each piece with a card describing the healing properties of the gemstone used. I continue to be a local, small business. And…every single piece of Tranquil Abiding continues to be handmade by me.

My creations are an affordable and meaningful way to gift yourself or a loved one with beautiful, intentional jewelry. People really do love the fact that there is SO much meaning in what they are wearing.

While the events of the world are in flux, we can remain in…Tranquil Abiding.