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Azurite Bracelet

Beautiful Azurite Bracelet with an Endless Knot (AKA Auspicious Knot), set in Lapis and Tibetan gold, as the focal bead. Each bead is tones of greens and blues, giving them a look of miniature earths! 8mm round beads. Approximately 7-1/2″ Inventory #3328

Healing properties for Azurite Bracelet: Enhances creativity, freshens one’s outlook allowing one to tap into one’s insight. Dissolves egocentric thought, eliminates indecision and calm the chattering mind. Helps to dissolve energy blockages. Activates and opens the Throat Chakra.

All Tranquil Abiding Bracelets are made with genuine gemstones and high quality findings and charms in pewter, brass and/or sterling silver. Additional choices of Azurite Bracelet are available by contacting me direct. Special Orders Welcome.


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