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BC Jade Mala

Stunning Mala of 8mm BC Jade. It’s called BC Jade because it’s from British Columbia.The Guru bead is an amazing piece of Turquoise set in Tibetan gold and the tassel beads are more BC Jade.  This mala feels even better than it looks!

The healing properties for BC Jade are:  Known as the “Dream Stone”, brings both a realization to one’s potential and a devotion to one’s purpose. A symbol of calm and serenity, a stone of balance and healing.  Associated with the Heart Chakra. The color green is also associated with the Heart Chakra so you receive double Heart Chakra opening!

The mantra I used when making this mala:

This is a mantra used to ask for blessings and guidance from Green Tara, who is the female Buddha of Universal Compassion. Since this Jade is a beautiful shade of green pairing it with Green Tara’s mantra seemed perfect!

Remember, each mala is hand-made, hand knotted & the beads hand chosen by me. My malas are unique & meaningful for that reason alone, however another distinction is that while I make each mala in mantra & meditation, the gemstones used, the Guru bead chosen & the mantra are ALL carefully selected to coordinate with & enhance each other.


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