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Chakra Earrings

Beautiful Chakra Earrings made with  Swarovski crystals and accented with the Endless Knot.

The symbolism for Chakra Earrings is: Chakras are energy centers located in the body and every color is associated with it’s own Chakra. When each Chakra is attended to and healthy then the entire body responds in a positive way. Red-Root Chakra, Orange-Sacral Chakra, Yellow-Solar Plexus Chakra, Green-Heart Chakra, Blue-Throat Chakra, Indigo-3rd Eye Chakra, Violet-Crown Chakra. The Endless Knot is a symbol of love….no beginning, no end.

All Tranquil Abiding Earrings are made with genuine gemstones and high quality findings and charms in pewter, brass and/or sterling silver. I use only earring wires made of surgical steel. Additional choices of Chakra Earrings are available by contacting me direct. Special Orders Welcome. You may purchase up to six pairs of earrings on the website for one shipping charge!


Sold. Please contact me if you are interested in a duplicate of this product.