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Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Beautiful and unique Lapis Lazuli Earrings! This is a Bodhi Leaf from the Bodhi Tree which is the tree that Buddha was sitting under when he became enlightened! The Lapis is set in Tibetan silver.  Inventory #1690

The healing properties for Lapis Lazuli are: Lapis is also known as the “Stone of Totl Awareness”. It expands awareness and intellectual capacity. Stimulates emotional, mental and physical purity and clarity. Provides connection to creative source. Activates and energizes the throat and the 3rd eye chakras.

All Tranquil Abiding Earrings are made with genuine gemstones and high quality findings and charms in pewter, brass and/or sterling silver. I use only earring wires made of surgical steel. Additional choices of Turquoise OM Earrings are available by contacting me direct. Special Orders Welcome. You may purchase up to six pairs of earrings on the website for one shipping charge!


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