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Magnesite & Tibetan Agate Mala

Beautiful Magnesite & Tibetan Agate Mala made with 10mm beads which makes this mala a bit longer and quite the statement! There are 4 counter beads-2 are Copal (baby Amber) and the other 2 are Red Coral and Turquoise set in brass. The Guru bead is Unique and simply Stunning! Made of Copal, Turquoise and Red Coral. The two tassel beads are Turquoise. An amazing Mala! Inventory #3659

The healing properties for Magnesite are: Stimulates creative visualization and promotes ideas. Aids in the stilling of the mind providing for a silent peace during  meditation. Healing properties for Tibetan Agate are: A stone for adapting to change. Provides grounding and centering for entry into the heart space.

The mantra I used when making this mala:

This mantra is used to connect us to the divine flow.

Remember, each mala is hand-made, hand knotted & the beads hand chosen by me. My malas are unique & meaningful for that reason alone, however another distinction is that while each mala is made in mantra & meditation, the gemstones used, the Guru bead chosen & the mantra are ALL carefully selected to coordinate with & enhance each other.


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