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Mookaite Mala

8mm Mookaite, in shades of red, mauve, gold and light brown make this mala striking!  The gorgeous Guru bead is Buddha in a brass, Turquoise and Red Coral setting with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum also featured. The tassel beads: One is brass, Red coral and Turquoise, the other is  Carnelian bead with, again, the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra etched onto it. Inventory #2321

The healing properties for Mookaite are:  Soothing, calming stone assisting one with patience. Helps one to be more flexible in relating to others allowing for a kindness to both self and others. When Chakras are aligned Mookaite will protect against negative energy.

The mantra I used when making this mala:

This is a mantra translates to: I am pure bliss. I am pure consciousness, in form.  Similar in meaning to “Namaste”.

Remember, each mala is hand-made, hand knotted & the beads hand chosen by me. My malas are unique & meaningful for that reason alone, however another distinction is that while I make each mala in mantra & meditation, the gemstones used, the Guru bead chosen & the mantra are ALL carefully selected to coordinate with & enhance each other.


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