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Opalite Mala

Luminescent and Elegant Opalite Mala. The counter beads and Guru bead are also Opalite, with the tassel beads being Clear Crystal Quartz.

The healing properties for Opalite are: it has lunar energy which relates to “New Beginnings”. Used to enhance perception and discernment, stimulates confidence and composure. Cleanses negativity from Chakras

The mantra I used when making this mala:

This mantra is used for asking Ganesh for wisdom and guidance and to inspire transformation. Ganesh is known to be the Remover of Obstacles, both internal and external. Since Opalite is a stone for New Beginnings, this mantra is a perfect pairing!

Remember, each mala is hand-made, hand knotted & the beads hand chosen by me. My malas are unique & meaningful for that reason alone, however another distinction is that while I make each mala in mantra & meditation, the gemstones used, the Guru bead chosen & the mantra are ALL carefully selected to coordinate with & enhance each other.


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