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Peace Jade Wrap Bracelet

Serene and calm Peace Jade Wrap Bracelet. This wrap is accented with soothing Amethyst, Moonstone, light green crystals and an endless knot. A wrap bracelet easily wraps around one’s wrist three times. 6mm smooth beads. Approximately 22″.

Healing properties for Peace Jade are: Peace Jade is actually a combination of Serpentine, Stichtite and Quartz. Promotes healing and imparts help to situations that seem hopeless. Used to support changes in one’s life. Enhances the spirit of adventure.

All Tranquil Abiding Wrap Bracelets are made with genuine gemstones and high quality findings and charms in pewter, brass and/or sterling silver. Additional choices of Peace Jade Wrap Bracelets are available by contacting me direct. Special Orders Welcome.


Sold. Please contact me if you are interested in a duplicate of this product.