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Prehnite Mala

Prehnite is a gentle, peaceful gemstone in a translucent, pale green, 8mm in size, with black inclusions throughout. The two counter beads and the two tassel beads are Prehnite as well, while the Guru bead is a gorgeous Clear Crystal Quartz tear drop.

The healing properties for Prehnite are: called the stone for “dreaming and remembering” it aids and advances a deep and calm meditation. Helps one to be aware of, listen to and follow ones intuition especially in matters of spiritual growth.

The mantra I used when making this mala:

This mantra is asking Green Tara, the female Buddha of Universal Compassion, for her blessings and guidance.

Remember, each mala is hand-made, hand knotted & the beads hand chosen by me. My malas are unique & meaningful for that reason alone, however another distinction is that while I make each mala in mantra & meditation, the gemstones used, the Guru bead chosen & the mantra are ALL carefully selected to coordinate with & enhance each other.


Sold. Please contact me if you are interested in a duplicate of this product.